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What Causes Peripheral Neuropathy?

The primary cause is often from decreased blood flow, which means that the cells, inside the nerves are not receiving adequate amounts of oxygen and glucose (in plain English, fuel). This lack of fuel results in the mitochondria (the scientific name for part of the nerve cells that act like the digestive system of the cells) not being able to manufacture sufficient amounts of ATP (Adenosine Triphosphate, another scientific name for the energy storage portion of the cell that provides high energy needed for cellular function) to maintain healthy nerves. Nerves, most commonly in the extremities, sense this lack of energy (ATP) production by sending pain signals to the brain.

In many cases this lack of energy production in the cells causes a lack of sensation that results in tingling, burning, & numbness. These sensations which interrupt normal feeling, can be the primary reason for falls and balance issues. Neuropathy has numerous root causes including diabetes, arthritis, spinal stenosis, shingles, pinched nerves, spinal nerve damage and certain circulatory conditions. LaserIQ’s advanced laser therapy typically helps alleviate the tingling, pain, numbness, and sleeplessness due to leg cramps. In many cases LaserIQ Pain Therapy™  can help reduce the risk of falling by improving balance issues related to neuropathy.

Improved Circulation Restores Nerve Health and Can Relieve Neuropathy!

The non-invasive and painless LaserIQ Pain Therapy™  program causes hemoglobin (the red cell portion of your blood that transports oxygen) to absorb the Cold Laser light energy, thereby releasing nitric oxide (another scientific name, but important component of your blood that causes your arteries to open up and improve blood flow), enlarging blood vessels and carrying oxygen & glucose to the nerves at the cellular level. The net result of this treatment modality is a cascade of beneficial chemical reactions throughout damaged nerve cells that stimulate healing and regeneration deep in the cells.

This enhanced, localized blood flow to the nerve cells improves tissue oxygenation. The laser-enhanced chemical processes play a critical role in improving sensation, which can result in more confident balance when walking because of the increased sensation and reduced or eliminated irritation from neuropathy. LaserIQ Pain Therapy™  treatment can also allow for better sleep at night, resulting from reduced burning and tingling sensation in the extremities.

How Does LaserIQ Treat Peripheral Neuropathy?

LaserIQ Pain Therapy™  treats the root cause of peripheral neuropathy at the cellular level of the nerves using advanced, deep penetration cold laser photons (high tech light therapy in plain English). LaserIQ’s team of expert physicians and treatment therapists are able to help patients experience significant pain relief using their experience along with this breakthrough technology. As a result, or patients are able return to a quality lifestyle with an appropriate treatment program.

Who can we help?

LaserIQ treats patients of all ages suffering from peripheral neuropathy who have painful and debilitating symptoms and related balance issues. LaserIQ’s advanced, FDA approved, laser therapy treatment program uses powerful Class IV, Multi-wave Robotic, and Acupoint Cold Lasers. This technology is completely non-invasive and painless. Patients don’t feel anything during treatment. The joy comes from the results!

We provide a welcome and refreshing alternative to traditional therapies that require medications with potentially harmful side effects, physical therapy, and painful injection or surgical therapies like nerve blocks, ablations and surgical procedures. LaserIQ’s integrative approach uses several treatment modalities over the course of the prescribed treatment program. Patients typically experience the return to a healthier lifestyle by increasing the blood circulation in their legs and feet. 

Ultimately, LaserIQ’s treatments help to restore normal nerve function while relieving the pain, burning, numbness, tingling and cramping associated with peripheral neuropathy.

One of the most important benefits is that LaserIQ’s Pain Therapy™ program is that it is available, and provided, at a fraction of the cost of alternative programs!



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